Unified Communication & Collaboration

With Collaboration, People Working together, achieve amazing things. We offer high quality, cost effective solution for reaching peoples. Improve collaboration with technology that empowers people to engage and innovate – anywhere, on any device.


Spark has the required expertise to design and implement the mobility strategy and solutions that make your organization more efficient, collaborative, and responsive.

Unified Access

  • Cloud Managed & Controller-based Wireless Infrastructure.
  • Indoor, outdoor & Industrial Wireless coverage solutions.
  • Fast deployment & simplified administration.
  • Unmatched visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications.
  • Rich analytics to quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security.


We are interacting with more people, from more places around the globe, than ever before. The boundaries of “the office” and “the desktop” are disappearing. Today, technology gives us the capability to work independently of time, space, and corporate mandates. For growing businesses with continuous scalability demands, effective collaboration can be complicated. Spark can help you simplify it by designing and tailoring the appropriately sized and priced collaboration solution. Provide a rich, contextual, and interactive environment that puts people — not applications or devices -back at the center of collaboration, providing a consistent user experience with flexible deployment options.


  • Reduce workplace, travel, and operations.
  • Increase employee engagement, mobility, and, productivity.
  • Increase the quality and speed of decisions with web conferencing and anywhere productivity tools.

Video Conferencing

Video places people at the center of the collaboration experience. It empowers them to work together in new ways to transform business, accelerate innovation, and do more with less. It’s next-generation interaction, where everyone, everywhere can be face-to-face and more effective.6


  •  Delivery of each contact to the most appropriate resource anywhere in the enterprise.
  • Comprehensive customer profiles using contact-related data.
  • Segmentation of customers, and monitoring of resource availability.
  • Routing to the most appropriate resource to meet customer needs and conditions.
  • Increase caller satisfaction through improved agent performance.