Data Center Solutions

In today’s ever-changing technology environment, the most common challenges include finding the best ways to reduce costs, increase flexibility, deploy new applications, and protect data without burdening overworked staff or disrupting business operations. In addition to the growing dependence on paperless operation and increasing demand for cloud services; data centers are coming to the forefront of IT investment for both enterprises and service providers.


Data will be an important, or the most important, asset for many organizations in the near future. Investing in data is becoming a must and it is the data center that will allow the data to be securely, stored, accessed, and archived. All of these challenges revolve around the exponential growth in data processing requirements and storage capacity.


We are working with innovative solutions in this highly dynamic area and we work with our customers to guide them through the myriad options to data center operation to reach the solution that is best fitting to their needs


Spark is specialized in Data Center Architecture with innovative solutions in this highly dynamic area. We have extensive experience to work and guide our customers to reach the solution that is best-fitting to their needs through the myriad options in utilizing breakthrough technologies to build data centers from scratch, ensuring the greatest returns on your investment, combined with optimally efficient growth.

Data Center Preparation

Complete turnkey solutions for data center preparation, starting from the design of passive infrastructure, power and cooling requirements, and redundancy and scalability sizing, extending to security and access control as well as after sales and maintenance services.

Network Infrastructure

Building a robust, highly available network infrastructure equipped to support a diverse array of business applications and stimulate future growth is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. Spark is specialized in Network Architecture solutions and services, with an expansive repertoire of experience and expertise in network design and implementation.

Storage & Computing

Data center and enterprise applications run more efficiently with the correct sizing of servers, networking, management, and storage.
In addition, single management structure optimizes the efficiency by making bare-metal and virtualized data center applications perform better, resulting in optimized data centers operations combined with visibility across multiple data centers and geographies.

Servers & Desktops Virtualization

In modern technology environments, the adoption of server and desktop virtualization solutions is becoming increasingly common and widespread. These solutions provide a new streamlined approach for delivering and managing desktops and applications while containing costs. As a result, end users can work with higher flexibility and efficiency.

Business Continuity & Data Protection

Whether you are an SMB, mid-sized or an enterprise organization, data protection is essential for the continuity of your business processes.
With the proper sizing, we provide a broad range of solutions, such as: data backup, state of the art de-duplication technology, and a full disaster recovery site designed according to business directions and data criticality.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, an enterprise can elastically scale their computing requirements on demand. With the dynamic changes of business requirements, IT departments are always trapped between the decisions of either building teams or buying them to satisfy demanding business requirements.


Cloud computing promises the end of this dilemma by allowing enterprises to burst their extra demand into cloud, paying for their actual use, and compacting again when the need ceases to exist.


Our solutions enable our customers to build their own private cloud for IaaS/PaaS as well as hybrid cloud solutions to integrate with public cloud offerings.