Software Driven Infrastructure

Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables organizations to accelerate application deployment and delivery through policy-enabled workflow automation, which tremendously reduces IT costs. SDN technology not only allows cloud architecture by delivering automated, on-demand application delivery and mobility at scale but also increases the benefits of data center virtualization, leads to enhanced resource flexibility and utilization causing reduced infrastructure costs and overhead expenses.

SDN is able to achieve these business objectives by integrating the management of network and application services into centralized extensible orchestration platforms that can automate the provisioning and configuration of the entire infrastructure. Commonly used centralized IT policies bring together disparate IT groups and workflows. Therefore, using SDN leads to a modern infrastructure that can deliver new applications and services in minutes as opposed to a matter of days or weeks as required in the past.

Flexibility, policy, and programmability are known for being the trademarks of Cisco’s SDN solutions attained through a platform capable of handling the most demanding networking needs of today and tomorrow.


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